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Electrónica en Abril 2022

La Casa Encendida presents the 18th edition of Electrónica en Abril, the avant-garde rhythm festival, returning after a two-year hiatus. Other latitudes, fresh voices and new beats on the electronic scene will take over La Casa Encendida from 31 March to 3 April.

  • 31 March
    MC Yallah + Debmaster
    Concerts MC Yallah + Debmaster

    The undisputed queen of Ugandan rap, MC Yallah, is performing in Madrid for the first time alongside German producer (…)

  • 01 April
    Concerts Klein

    This experimental artist from London will be presenting her latest album, Harmattan, where she plays at reinterpreting (…)

  • 01 April
    HHY & The Kampala Unit + NSDOS + Loraine James
    Concerts HHY & The Kampala Unit + NSDOS + Loraine James

    On Friday evening/night, the courtyard will be all about rhythm: a rhythm expressed in different forms and identities, (…)

  • 02 April
    Concerts Steloolive

    In Steloolive’s universe, the imagery riddled with codes and roads never fails to spark curiosity.

  • 02 April
    DÆMON + Beatrix Weapons + Nazar & Rob Heppell
    Concerts DÆMON + Beatrix Weapons + Nazar & Rob Heppell

    Experimentation, mutated textures and introspective darkness will wash over the courtyard on Saturday evening, inviting (…)

  • 03 April
    For kids, Concerts Steloolive

    Multifaceted sound artist and explorer Steloolive will give a second improvised, interactive show for the whole family (…)

  • 03 April
    WaqWaq Kingdom
    For kids, Concerts WaqWaq Kingdom

    WaqWaq Kingdom designs a universe full of fantasy and colour, with a fun, upbeat show accompanied by eccentric visuals (…)

Acento 2022

New edition of the festival related to Artists in Residence, the joint initiative of La Casa Encendida and MACBA, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, that supports performative approaches to body-centred creation and research.

Domingo 2022

Second edition of La Casa Encendida's performing arts festival that brings together experimental proposals from different disciplines, generations and geographical regions. Featuring performance pieces, workshops and talks, Domingo 2022 is articulated around the light, the voice and the performativity of sound and language, as well as other possible modes of interaction.

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