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Addicted to Toxicity

Sin amor


Addicted to Toxicity

From 02 to 25 July 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Human relationships and how they can be toxic or beneficial is a common theme in cinema. Complex relationships between couples, relatives, friends and work colleagues can lead to happiness or become a nightmare, a trap with no obvious way out. Every Tuesday and Thursday in July, La Casa Encendida presents toxic stories that seek an antidote.

Toxic relationships are synonymous with suffering and unhappiness, and it is often difficult to know how to end them or walk away. The reasons for ending up in a relationship of this type are varied (social, political, a question of power, beliefs, peer pressure, etc.), and the people involved are also impacted by the atmosphere caused, which may be strained or unhealthy. Toxicity can emerge between couples and families, but it is also found in the workplace and in schools. It may even affect social institutions and poison countries. But there are antidotes. In other words, some relationships can cure, build and generate healthy atmospheres, gradually improving the situation of the people involved. An antidote relationship can offer respite, a mirror in which to look closely at oneself and change the harmful things in one's life. It can be a step towards happiness and well-being. This new series featuring eight films examines different stories about toxic relationships and antidote relationships.

After the screenings specialists from different fields (psychology, sociology, psychiatry, journalism, philosophy and film criticism) will lead discussions on different subjects, many of them topical issues in the media.

Curated by: Isabel Sánchez Fernández, a journalist who has been organising film cycles and debates for different institutions for many years. She is the author of “El blog de Hildy Johnson” (hildyjohnson.es).

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