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Cinephilia I'm Melting

"Paul Sharits", de François Miron


Cinephilia I'm Melting

From 01 February to 28 June 2017

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

A new monthly cycle of films about movies and movie-makers that aims to recycle, reshape or reinterpret the history of the seventh art from a contemporary perspective.

Join us as we melt with and over the silver screen to discover its best-kept secrets. Experience movies that will dilate your pores and make you feel Paul Sharits's heart-pounding urge to destroy the parameters of 16mm film, take you on a pilgrimage to Faro to inhabit Ingmar Bergman, reveal what Jonas Mekas didn't shoot, provide access to the tailoring work of Manoel de Oliveira's set designer, or invite you to take a stab at deciphering the messages that Stanley Kubrick left for us in the frames of The Shining.

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