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Contemporary Film: Trans Life

'Always Amber', de Hannah Reinikainen y Lia Hietala


Contemporary Film: Trans Life

From 10 to 25 April

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

During the month of April, La Casa Encendida presents a contemporary film cycle that explores transgender reality today, giving voice and visibility to people who have gone through gender transitions in recent years, as well as the formation and quest for a new identity.

The programme Trans Life: Testimonies of Transgender Reality in Europe features three films premiered in 2020 at the Rotterdam and Berlin festivals, biographical narratives of transgender people living on the European continent: specifically in Sweden, Italy and Denmark.

This cycle offers a first-hand account of the transition process of a non-binary 17-year-old in the documentary Always Amber; a peek inside the enchanted house where the transsexual witch Bianca Dolce Miele lives in the fascinating esoteric documentary La casa dell’amore; and, finally, a dazzling, exquisite, hope-filled fictional tale about overcoming transphobia in A Perfectly Normal Family, based on the director’s own traumatic childhood, when she witnessed her father’s gender transition.

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