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Contemporary Film: Under the Influence of Noah Baumbach

David Vintiner


Contemporary Film: Under the Influence of Noah Baumbach

From 03 to 25 February

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Contemporary Film at La Casa Encendida pays tribute to the invisible dialogues between modern-day directors.

This year we’ll try to detect the seeds that major figures of contemporary film have planted in their contemporaries. The focus of the February programme is Noah Baumbach, who we will revisit with screenings of three films noticeably influenced by his work.

Traces of Noah Baumbach’s cinema are subtly woven into the discourses of the directorial debut of visual artist Laurie Simmons and the two most recent films by the hottest new directors on the American indie scene, Alex Ross Perry and Dustin Guy Defa.

In My Art we’ll meet the indomitable 65-year-old Frances Ha, a woman willing to rediscover and reinvent herself late in life. We’ll also re-encounter the New York atmosphere that characterises Baumbach’s filmography in Person to Person and surrender to the same generation gaps depicted in his While We’re Young and Mistress America with a reflection on the differences between people in their forties, thirties and twenties in the masterly Golden Exits.


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