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Film and Discussions: “Locked Up: Inescapable Spaces”


Film and Discussions: “Locked Up: Inescapable Spaces”

From 03 to 24 July 2018

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Film plays with space and through its language tells us stories set in one or several locations that create a sense of enclosure, of the impossibility of finding an open door. On Tuesdays and Thursdays in July, La Casa Encendida invites us to enter the closed space of a cinema and experience stories bounded by four walls.

The feeling of being locked up or in spaces from which there is no escape can be physical and real or a metaphorical representation to explain a specific situation.
There are closed institutions where cameras are not allowed, such as prisons or concentration camps, which never should have existed but did and operated in a particular way.
The family home can become a cage at the heart of fear, or a jail in times of crisis. Sometimes there is not a physical space, but the feeling of imprisonment exists and is very powerful. This is the case of all those people who, in the wake of the financial and social crisis, find themselves excluded by the bureaucratic system and trapped in an inescapable maze of red tape, or of a woman whose submission and lack of freedom is revealed over years of waiting in a courthouse antechamber. Even the way those spaces are constructed is revealing: the layout of a house or the structure of a city can show us social differences... Consequently, in this new cycle we will attempt to analyse the peculiar nature of these spaces or that feeling of being locked up through seven films in order to address different topics of debate and current affairs.

Curated by: Isabel Sánchez Fernández, journalist. For years she has organised film series and talks at different institutions. Author of the cinema blog www.hildyjohnson.es.

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