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The Magnetic Terrace 2019

La lucha, s. a. [¿1981?]. Publicada originalmente en El Víbora. Especial música (1981), Barcelona, La Cúpula. Archivo Lafuente


The Magnetic Terrace 2019

From 22 June to 01 September

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

On 22 June, The Magnetic Terrace will kick off another summer of open-air cinema and sunset concerts every weekend. This year's programme will revolve around the language of comics, in direct relation to the exhibition Modern Vices, featuring Ceesepe's graphic work.

On Saturdays we'll show a selection of films influenced one way or another by the spirit of comics, either in their formal transgression or in their content and character development: politically incorrect, avant-garde, free-spirited films that defy established conventions, experimenting with the narrative possibilities of cinema, reinterpreting classic codes and introducing us to complex, marginal, extravagant characters.

The cycle will open with Pedro Almodóvar's iconic directorial debut, Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom, a symbol of Madrid's La Movida movement with a cast that includes Ceesepe himself, who also designed the film's poster. In subsequent sessions, we’ll plunge into the fascinating worlds created by Eiichi Yamamoto, Panos Cosmatos, David Robert Mitchell and Richard Linklater and meet some of the most extraordinary personalities in underground culture, such as the American cartoonist Robert Crumb and the Mexican wrestler Cassandro, The Exotico.

Sundays will be reserved for music with a unique and irresistible cycle of concerts. Ten singular international artists, united by the high quality of their singular proposals and exciting sounds, will take us on a tour of different styles: avant-garde electronic pop (Natalie Beridze/TBA, Negra Branca), the latest club beats for audacious dance floors (Telephasycx!), evocative ambient classics (O Yuki Conjugate), new exotica from the Madrid jungle (L’Exotighost), heroes of electronic surrealism, perfect for sidereal parties (Gelbart, Orfeón Gagarin), a mesh of electronic and traditional Central American shamanic music (Naoba), stirring synth pop influenced by legends like Kraftwerk and OMD (Mynationshit) and, opening the cycle, a fundamental artist in the history of the Berlin electronic scene from its inception to the present day: Gudrun Gut. So if your taste in music tends towards the unorthodox and offbeat, join us every Sunday from now until 1 September.

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