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The Magnetic Terrace


The Magnetic Terrace

From 02 July 2016 to 21 March

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Concerts: 5 € / Films: 3 € (at ticketea.com and La Casa Encendida)

From 2 July to 28 August, La Casa Encendida hosts the Magnetic Terrace, an exciting programme of summer film screenings, concerts and much more to enjoy under the open sky, against the backdrop of Madrid's stunning sunsets and vibrant nightlife. What better way to spend the summer?

This summer, the movies and concerts offered on the rooftop terrace of La Casa Encendida will create a magnetic field with an irresistible pull. The concerts, acting like a positive charge, will radiate a cutting-edge combo of experimentation, electronics, atmosphere and ritual. And cinema supplies the negative charge with cult films about witchcraft, the occult, sects and the desire to venture into other worlds. A fascinating way to enjoy the long summer evenings and nights. Welcome to the Magnetic Terrace.

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Activities Cycle The Magnetic Terrace Open/close Cycle
  • 21 March
    Concerts :zoviet*france

    Los conciertos de verano de La Terraza magnética presentan por primera en España la actuación de :zoviet*france, (…)

  • 03 July 2016
    Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico)
    Concerts Arturo Lanz (Esplendor Geométrico)

    The summer concerts on the terrace at La Casa kick off with a solo performance by Arturo Lanz, founding member of the (…)

  • 02 July 2016
    "The Wicker Man" by Robin Hardy
    Films, Screenings "The Wicker Man" by Robin Hardy

    The Magnetic Terrace’s summer cinema kicks off with The Wicker Man by Robin Hardy, a classic of 1970s British film (…)

  • 09 July 2016
    "Aoom" by Gonzalo Suárez
    Films, Screenings "Aoom" by Gonzalo Suárez

    The Magnetic Terrace brings us one of the most iconic and accursed films of Asturian director Gonzalo Suárez (…)

  • 10 July 2016
    Concerts Tellavision

    A rising star of German electronic music, Tellavision, comes to the Magnetic Terrace summer concerts (…)

  • 16 July 2016
    "The Lords of Salem" by Rob Zombie
    Films, Screenings "The Lords of Salem" by Rob Zombie

    Cinema on the Magnetic Terrace presents the latest film by Rob Zombie, vocalist of the legendary metal band White (…)

  • 17 July 2016
    Concerts Z’ev

    The Magnetic Terrace presents Z'ev in concert in Madrid (…)

  • 23 July 2016
    “Häxan” by Benjamin Christensen
    Films, Screenings “Häxan” by Benjamin Christensen

    The Magnetic Terrace's summer cinema presents the Danish film Häxan, directed by Benjamin Christensen, a survey of the (…)

  • 24 July 2016
    Concerts iO

    iO, the Madrid-based electronic music duo formed by Ana Béjar and Carlos Suero, will present the tracks from their (…)

  • 30 July 2016
    "Hadewijch" by Bruno Dumont
    Films, Screenings "Hadewijch" by Bruno Dumont

    The Magnetic Terrace's summer cinema presents Hadewijch, winner of the International Critics' Prize (FIPRESCI Prize) in (…)

  • 06 August 2016
    "John Dies at the End" by Don Coscarelli
    Films, Screenings "John Dies at the End" by Don Coscarelli

    The Magnetic Terrace dives into August with a screening of the film John Dies at the End directed by Don Coscarelli, a (…)

  • 07 August 2016
    Lucrecia Dalt
    Concerts Lucrecia Dalt

    The Magnetic Terrace summer concerts slide into August with a live performance by Lucrecia Dalt, a Colombian artist who (…)

  • 13 August 2016
    “Martha Marcy May Marlene” by Sean Durkin
    Films, Screenings “Martha Marcy May Marlene” by Sean Durkin

    The Magnetic Terrace presents Martha Marcy May Marlene, a film for which director/writer Sean Durkin won Best Directing (…)

  • 14 August 2016
    Concerts Colleen

    The Magnetic Terrace brings Madrid one of the most fascinating live performers on the international music scene: (…)

  • 20 August 2016
    “Magic Magic” by Sebastián Silva
    Films, Screenings “Magic Magic” by Sebastián Silva

    The Magnetic Terrace's summer cinema brings us Magic Magic, one of the biggest film sensations to come out of Latin (…)

  • 21 August 2016
    Yamila Ríos
    Concerts Yamila Ríos

    The Magnetic Terrace concerts at La Casa treat us to a live performance by Yamila Ríos, a Spanish composer, sound (…)

  • 27 August 2016
    “On the Silver Globe" (Na srebrnym globie) by Andrzej Zulawski
    Films, Screenings “On the Silver Globe" (Na srebrnym globie) by Andrzej Zulawski

    The Magnetic Terrace's summer cinema winds down with a screening of On the Silver Globe, directed by Andrezj Zulawski (…)

  • 28 August 2016
    Concerts Rapoon

    For the first time in Madrid, the Magnetic Terrace at La Casa presents a concert by Robin Storey, aka Rapoon, the (…)

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