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Monographic: Pantaleón

Films, Screenings, Talks

Monographic: Pantaleón

28 February 2018

08:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Screening Room


We begin our new cycle with a retrospective of work by David Pantaleón, a film-maker who has turned short films into a higher art and constructed a filmography revolving around cultural gestures, humour, form and provocation.

Eschewing traditional labels, Pantaleón's work has been made at instant film competitions, during trips to festivals, as specific commissions and, of course, under his own motivation. As a self-taught director, he has produced a vast number of films, winning awards at Oberhausen, Alcances, Chicago and Las Palmas and participating in festivals such as Rotterdam, Vila do Conde, La Rochelle, Hamburg and Leeds. He is currently working on his first full-length feature film, Dientes de leche.


  • Perro rojo, 2009. 4'
  • Belanglos, 2009. 18’
  • Apostasía, 2009. 3’
  • Por la puerta grande, 2013. 3’
  • Fiesta de pijamas, 2015, 7'
  • Modismos 3D, 2010. 3'
  • El polinizador, 2016, 4'
  • Tres corderos, 2015. 9'
  • Fondo o forma, 2012. 5'
  • A lo oscuro más seguro, 2013. 8'
  • La pasión de Judas, 2014. 10'

After the screening there will be a discussion between the director and Samuel Alarcón.

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