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Monographic: Salomé Lamas

A Torre, de Salomé Lamas

Films, Screenings, Talks

Monographic: Salomé Lamas

20 March 2019

08:00 pm - 10:30 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Screening Room


A programme of shorts selected by the artist, who will be visiting La Casa Encendida to lead a workshop on “Transactions, Limits and Audiovisual Hybrids”.

Programme (all original soundtracks with Spanish subtitles)

  • Coup De Grâce. Portugal, 2015. 25’. Leonor returns home from a trip on a day when her father wasn’t expecting her. Over the next twenty-four hours, they experience a hallucinatory reality led by the disturbing state of Francisco’s seeming normality.
  • Ubi Sunt. Portugal, 2017. 23’. Porto. Cartography of an imaginary place drawn to the fringes (both social and geographical). This hybrid, eclectic project is the product of an audiovisual research residency involving the human and urban exploration of an expanding city. Taking as its premise the Latin query Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt (“Where are they that were before us?”), it reflects on mortality and transience of life. And so emerges the dialectic of an episodic, fragmented structure, in which Ubi Sunt is the first of three forays.
  • The Tower. Portugal, Germany/Moldova, 2015. 8'. Kolja’s experiment of merging his (human) body with a tree (nature), venturing into a border zone between the earth and the sky, may reflect the purity of his soul, the grandeur of fools, or the madness of mystics—or perhaps a combination of all three. Is it a sign of enlightenment, or merely an elaborate suicide?
  • Teatrum Orbis Terrarum. Portugal, 2013. 26’. The “Theatre of the World” (1570) is believed to be the first modern atlas. Teatrum Orbis Terrarum can be considered a cinematographic expedition, a sensory journey or a thrilling story, but it is undeniably a tale of adventure. “When I gaze at the sea for a long time, I lose interest in what’s happening on land.”
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