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Programme 4: Technopoiesis: Convulsive Matter

"Ofelia (Carmen, Inés)", de Marina Nuñez

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Programme 4: Technopoiesis: Convulsive Matter

08 November 2019

07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Screening Room

Vibrant Matter

Structured in four programmes, the audiovisual cycle reflects on the thought-producing potential of matter. In this age of biotechnology, technoscience, exoskeletons and artificial intelligence, how can we rethink the human being, and the female body in particular?

  • Pfauenloch, directed by Katrina Daschner. Austria, 2018. 9’
  • Ofelia (Carmen, Inés), directed by Marina Núñez. Spain, 2015. 4’
  • Lost Astronaut, directed by Alicia Framis. Spain/Netherlands, 2009. 34’
  • Placebo, directed by Saskia Olde Wolbers. Netherlands, 2002. 6’
  • Warum es sich zu leben lohnt [Why Life Is Worth Living] directed by Friedel vom Gröller. Austria, 2013. 2’
  • Precarious Inhabitants, directed by Eva Papamargariti. Greece, 2017. 13’

Total runtime: 72’

The screening will be followed by a talk with Marta Sesé and María Morata

Marta Sesé has a BA in Art History from the University of Barcelona and an MA in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture from the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Museo Reina Sofía. She is co-founder of the Higo Mental project with Ricardo Pérez-Hita, adjunct curator at Dilalica and editorial coordinator of the EXIT and Utopía. Revista de Crítica Cultural essay collections.

Activities Cycle Vibrant Matter From 05 to 08 November 2019 Open/close cycle

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