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Puwerty Día


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Puwerty Día

28 September 2019

05:00 pm - 07:45 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Courtyard, Screening Room

Puwerty 2019

In Puwerty Día, the daytime segment, identity and the virtual will intertwine in creative workshops led by Inés Cardó and Marta Altieri. Refusing to blindly obey algorithms, we’ll try to agree on which of the movies proposed by TCM we should watch. Meanwhile, Rebe will play music and join Zazi White and Laura Nadeszhda in a reflection on identities in the virtual universe.

  • Workshops

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    “Virtual Comic” with Marta Altieri (5–6:30 pm)

    Marta Altieri presents a beginner-level workshop on virtual comic books. Participants will draw a short story, convert it to HTML, and see the result on their computer or phone.

    “Collage and Identity” with Inés Cardó (5–6:30 pm)

    Can you create a self-portrait without any pictures of yourself? In this workshop we’ll portray ourselves in a collage made entirely of pre-existing images.

  • Debate (6:15–6:45 pm)

    The Construction of Virtual Identity. Participants: Rebe and Zazi White. Moderated by Laura Nadeszhda

    We’ll tackle this issue with three digital natives who made a habit of spilling their guts online, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Laura Nadeszhda, Zazi White and Rebe

  • Concert

    Rebe (7 pm)

    Rebe, accompanied on the guitar, will wrap up the daytime segment. Her bedroom pop will turn the Courtyard of La Casa Encendida into a dreamland as Rebe croons her sweet melodies.

  • Bandeja de Entrada [Inbox]

    “Calle Torcida” [Twisted Street] by Manuel Alba Montes

    Winner of the Bandeja de Entrada competition. Brick, graffiti, metal fastenings, foam, tile... In the space of one hour, one metre of facade, one metre of wall, one metre of made-up reality is built. An accumulation of senseless layers that aesthetically and conceptually interrogates the audience.

  • Cinema

    TCM Movie & Pizza (5–7 pm)

    Streaming changed our lives. Now humanity is divided into two groups: those who take advice from algorithms, and those who spend more time choosing what to watch than watching what they’ve chosen.

The entire Puwerty festival will be covered by Bam Bam, the radio and music workshop project of La Casa Encendida and Colectivo CHICA, which aims to shine a spotlight on the presence of women and members of the LGBTQI+ community in music.

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