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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 11 am – 3 pm and 5 – 9 pm



The photography lab has two areas. One is an analogue section, equipped with a darkroom and several enlargers of various formats for developing and enlarging material that involves photochemical processing. The other is a digital lab, with computers, editing and image processing, design, book and fanzine publishing layout software, and a large-format printer.

Full list of photography lab equipment

  • Digital area
    • Macintosh computers for working with various software packages: video editing and post-production, image processing, design, book and fanzine publishing layout, etc.
    • Calibrated NEC MULTISYNC PA242W monitors
    • Canon IPF8400 inkjet printer
    • Epson v750 Pro scanner
  • Analogue area
    • 35mm enlargers
    • Medium format enlarger
    • Large format enlarger (maximum 4 x 5 inches)
    • Chemical products for black-and-white processing, tanks (maximum size: 30 x 40 cm)
    • A selection of basic standard tools
    • Multigrade contrast filters
    • Fibre-based paper dryer
    • Inks and bleaching agents for touch-ups
    • Reference library
    • Masking frames
    • Light table
    • Paper trimmer

Modes of use

  • 1 Photography projects
    The labs can be used for projects or research to be conducted entirely or primarily at La Casa Encendida, making use of our facilities under the constant guidance of expert staff members. To use these facilities, you must submit a project, and the lab team will evaluate it and let you know if it has been accepted or not.
    • Requirements
      Basic knowledge of B&W developing and printing techniques or the software to be used
    • Duration
      As long as required, establishing set hours and dates in advance
    • Registration
      Complete the lab request form and send your CV and a project dossier to laboratorios.lacasaencendida@montemadrid.es
  • 2 Sporadic use
    The lab facilities can also be used sporadically as a supplementary resource for developing artworks, projects or specific pieces.
    • Developing, retouching, toning and FB paper drying
      Users are supplied with chemical products and basic equipment for developing negatives in 35mm, 120mm medium format and 4 x 5" (10 x 15 cm) large format, as well as chemicals and drying equipment needed to produce archive-quality prints.
      • Requirements
        Basic knowledge of B&W developing and printing techniques
      • Duration
        Minimum 4-hour time slot
      • Registration
        Book time in advance by calling +34 91 467 60 18
      • Price
        Retouching, toning and FB paper drying: € 4 per four-hour time slot
        Film developing: € 2 / film – € 15 voucher / 10 films (on sale at the information desk in La Casa Encendida)
    • Use of enlargers for printing
      The lab will primarily be used to develop black-and-white film under the supervision of a technical and creative adviser. Users must bring their own photo paper and any specific materials needed to complete their work.
      • Requirements
        Basic knowledge of B&W developing and printing techniques
      • Duración
        Maximum of three time slots (12 hours) per month
      • Inscripción
        Registration on a first-come, first-served basis at the information desk in La Casa Encendida, the last Friday of every month, to book time on specific dates in the following month. If there are no time slots available, applicants will be put on a waiting list for that month only.
        Payment is due when the booking is made.
    • Use of equipment in the digital area
      You may request access to specific equipment in our lab for sporadic use.
      • Requirements
        Basic knowledge of the software to be used
      • Registration
        Complete the lab request form
      • Price
        €4 per four-hour time slot

91 467 60 18 (11 am - 3 pm).

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