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Libros Mutantes 2022. Madrid Art Book Fair

Libros Mutantes, the independent publishing fair, returns with a more interactive, hands-on edition where music takes centre stage. With a fresh selection of national and international indie publishing projects, and after two years of limited contact, the fair aims to focus on hybrid initiatives that explore the connections between music and publishing, design, poetry and the dancefloor.

  • 22 and 23 April
    Mutant Perspectives 2022
    Talks, Presentation, Literature Mutant Perspectives 2022

    This two-day programme of talks shines a spotlight on publishing projects and the work of designers linked to the music (…)

  • 24 April
    Fanzine (Cassette) To Go
    Talks, Projects, Literature Fanzine (Cassette) To Go

    A special edition of Fanzine To Go where you can design and record your own cassette tape, aided by experimental comic (…)

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