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Salon: Talks and Sessions


Salon: Talks and Sessions

From 21 to 22 April 2017

Friday and Saturday:
06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Fourth floor

Libros Mutantes 2017. Madrid Art Book Fair

Once again, Libros Mutantes is taking over the second floor of La Casa Encendida to offer presentations and talks about experimental, innovative publishing projects.

A fundamental part of the Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair is the Salon. Complementing the courtyard, this area contains various stands displaying the best indie publications and will host a series of presentations and talks about the latest in experimental publishing.

Talks and Presentations

  • Friday 21 April, 6:30 pm. What is art publishing and where can you learn it?
Art publishing entails the creative management and coordination of certain resources and media—whether visual, audio or linguistic—to create printed, audiovisual and other works. As a multiple art form, this field is accessible to a wide audience. Computers, desktop publishing and the internet make it possible for one editor or a small team to control the production, distribution and sale of their work without the need for a complex business structure. It is therefore no surprise that independent publishing and multiple art fairs are popping up left and right. Since 1997, the Oviedo Art School has been and still is the only public institution in Spain that offers a degree in art publishing. This talk will be led by the school's Book Arts Department.
  • Friday 21 April, 7:30 pm. I CAN'T

    Totally informal meditations and musings on life experience: a gathering of texts, exercises, emails, poems, illustrations, photographs and all kinds of sources. What is expected of women in a hyper-connected society? What role does solitude play? Is anonymous resistance possible? These are just some of the themes explored in the first issue of this magazine for leisure-loving girls designed by Sandwich Mixto.
  • Saturday 22 April, 6:30 pm. BookJockey with Julián Barón

    BookJockey is an experimental new way of showing and enjoying photo books. A BookJockey session is like a DJ session, only with photography books. Books are displayed and “mixed” to create a story, and members of the audience are free to join in as long as they follow the rules set out by the BJ—in this case Julián Barón, a photographer and educator from eastern Spain and member of the Blank Paper collective. The content, exhibition and publication of his work reveal the ongoing dialogue between images and his production, dissemination and consumption processes.
  • Saturday 22 April, 7:30 pm. EXC! excepcional, excitante, excelente magazine
    EXC! is a yearly photography publication that showcases a curated selection of projects by different up-and-coming photographers. At this presentation, Juan Valbuena will moderate a four-way conversation between Agustín Roba, Laura San Segundo, Ramiro Iriñez and Sara Merec, some of the magazine's latest featured artists who are also working on their own personal photo book projects. Plural, fresh and bold: that's EXC! in a nutshell. There will also be a table where visitors can browse photo books published by students, alumni and teachers from the EFTI film and photography school.
Activities Fair Libros Mutantes 2017. Madrid Art Book Fair From 21 to 23 April 2017 Open/close fair
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  • From 21 to 22 April 2017
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  • 22 April 2017
    Pop-up Books Workshop
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    Make paper come alive in three dimensions.

  • 23 April 2017
    What Do You Think?
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    Visual philosophy recital.

  • 23 April 2017
    Fanzine To Go
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