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"Dream Hostel", by Mala Kline


"Dream Hostel", by Mala Kline

From 06 to 07 December 2019

08:00 pm - 06:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Fourth floor


Dream Hostel is a durational 22-hour performance where the audience is invited for a sleep over and a day at Dream Hostel. Upon arrival, the audience is initiated into the practice of dreaming through imagery exercises. They are taught to ask for a (night) dream and remember it.

After waking, with the assistance of the performers, each dream at the time is opened and its necessity addressed. All dreams configure a communal dream–map, which we open, as we do with individual dreams, to respond to its necessities. It is through our communal dreaming that an alternative vision of community begins to unfold. Throughout the duration of performance, you may leave and return as desired, but we recommend that you stay present continuously, as this stimulates your dreaming. Dream Hostel is for those ready to surrender to their dreaming for a day and see beyond what they already know. If you think you don’t dream, worry not, for dreaming is always there for you. Dream Hostel is an oracular machine that predicts only possible presents. During the performance we will offer meals, with vegan and vegetarian options.

Dream Hostel uses Saphire™. Saphire™ Work is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg and her School of Images.

  • Concept, choreography: Mala Kline
  • Space, light, projections, visuals: Cecilia Molano
  • Photo: Nada Žgank, Matija Lukić
  • Production: Mercedes Klein, ELIAS 2069
  • Coproduction: Pekinpah, City of Women Festival, SC – Culture of Change &TD Theater, Plesna izba Maribor, a.pass research center, School of Images Slovenia
  • Support: Ministry of Culture Slovenia, City of Ljubljana - Department for Culture

Mala Kline is a slovenian performer, choreographer and writer based in Berlin. She holds BA in philosophy and comparative literature (UL, Ljubljana), MA in theater (DasArts, Amsterdam) and PhD in philosophy (UL, Ljubljana). She is currently an artistic researcher at a.pass research centre in Brussels and a volunteer post-doc researcher at Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Ghent University) and part of S:PAM research centre in Ghent. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Saphire™ imagery and dream work by Catherine Shainberg and the School of Images (NYC). She founded EMANAT – institute for affirmation of contemporary dance in Slovenia, School of Images Slovenia for dissemination of dream and imagery work throughout EU, and DREAMLAB – a mobile platform for a joint experimentation and a translation and reworking of Saphire™ imagery and dream work into a tools and strategies for research, creation and performance in the context of performing arts.

The performance will be in English

+ 18

Activities Festival Cuerpa From 19 November to 14 December 2019 Open/close festival

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