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'How to disappear', by Raquel G. Ibáñez + Ylia


'How to disappear', by Raquel G. Ibáñez + Ylia

11 May

07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Acento 2022

How to disappear explores the invisibility and dematerialisation of the body through a collective, transdisciplinary desire that has fascinated diverse fields such as alchemy, optics, poetry and sonic and literary fiction.

The process stems from the dialogue with the impossible, revisiting different instructions, recipes, guides and spells on how to become invisible; paradoxical formats where the use of language performs a movement of addiction and simultaneous creation, shaping and constructing images, gestures and situations that all pursue the same aim: to disappear.

Sound is the backbone of the research, oscillating between the incorporation of electronic music and the retrieval of an original, primeval voice. These movements allow the artists to explore the link between the body and the machine, triggering tensions and consequences in the quest to integrate them. The work process is conceived as a porous method—changing and intermittent—in which the formalisation is understood as an exercise and trial rather than as a model of closed conclusions. At ACENTO 2022 we want to create an intimate and experimental opening as part of the residence undertaken at MACBA. Our proposal is potentially sound-based, where we explore the voice and its fragmentation; words eroded by electronic bases, field recordings, beats and dismembered texts.

Raquel G. Ibáñez has a degree in Fine Art from the Complutense University of Madrid. As well as her solo artistic practice, she collaborates with collectives such as El Banquete, Hidráulicas and Possible Others. In her research, she alternates and mixes installation, sound, graphic design, video, writing and exhibition curating.

Ylia studied classical piano at the conservatoire in Alicante and arrangement and composition at Taller de Músics in Barcelona. She is a music producer, founder of the Animah Records label, a leading DJ on the underground scene and director of La Guarida on the Dublab Barcelona radio station.

Activities Festival Acento 2022 From 11 to 13 May Open/close festival

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