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'INT. PATIO - DÍA', by La Dernière Mode


'INT. PATIO - DÍA', by La Dernière Mode

13 May

08:00 pm - 09:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Acento 2022

A stage project that investigates the boundaries between music, performance and writing.

La Dernière Mode was an art project and fashion magazine created by Mallarmé in 1874 as a journey to the realm of the ephemeral and frivolous to betray the prejudices about the minor arts that existed at the time. La Dernière Mode is also the name of the project by Sonia Noya and Eduard Mont de Palol who since 2018 have been rebelling against the conventions and prejudices that surround pop music by composing micro songs in which there is “no” need to repeat things because saying them once is enough.

Influenced by French literature, bad reputation, the Decadent movement, provocation and the Valencia family, their texts speak of proximity. They discuss sex, love and the everyday in an intimate and instantly identifiable language. They use French, Spanish and German, sometimes with arrogance, sometimes with tenderness, but always with humour, which they take very seriously.

Thank goodness that with one thing and another we found the time to whisper adjectives to the nouns.

Then the sound designer arrived and informed the Valencia family that what he does isn’t music.

The house is black, we've forgotten all our dreams, we say nothing with no regard for the language, whatever the path we have taken we turn back, clinging to a guitar and a few recordings we made that day when you wanted to hook up with the waiter at the oyster bar.

La Dernière Mode are: Sonia Noya and Eduard Mont de Palol.

Activities Festival Acento 2022 From 11 to 13 May Open/close festival

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