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“Tamago (egg)”, by Jija Sohn


“Tamago (egg)”, by Jija Sohn

07 December 2019

08:00 pm - 09:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Off-site activity


A delicate and fearsome solo by Jija Sohn. Beginning with a statue and ending with a bang Sohn takes the audience on a many layered mission jumping continually between the real and the virtual, the kitch and the open. Performed in a white cube over thirty minutes the solo is a roller coaster, a fight and a lullaby.

Sohn creates a surrealistic visual landscape which will approach and move the spectators not just by appealing to their ratio, but will also try to target the irrational and emotional side of their beings. In order for the audience to be immersed in a sense of 'madness', the performance will target the viewer’s senses to make their perception shift, with the hopes of triggering a synesthetic physical experience which links to a past 'madness at loss for words' experiences of their own.

Jija Sohn is a Japanese artist with Korean roots. She obtained a master in Applied Linguistics at Purdue University, USA before focusing on Performance Art. In 2015, Jija graduated from SNDO and was selected for the Moving Forward project. During this process, she developed the production Geisha’s Miracle (2016). In 2017 Jija was awarded with the ‘3Package Deal’ by AFK which enabled her to work on the slightly autobiographical new piece named Kyabajo. In 2018 with Kyabajo she explored the condition of estrangement behind a submissive role from the perspective of a Japanese hostess. In the period of 2017-2019 Jija is part of the international project named Performing Gender. She has been collaborating in other people’s projects too, working as a performer in Ivo Dimchev’s X-on in 2013, for Dries Verhoeven’s Guilty Landscapes in 2018. Currently, she works with Dans Brabant, which supports the current project together with performers Andrea Zavala and Lucy Wilke with the fund called PLAN - Talent Development PLAN Brabant.

The performance will take place at El Instante Fundación. Address: Palos de la Frontera 20, 28012 Madrid

Activities Festival Cuerpa From 19 November to 14 December 2019 Open/close festival

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