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IDEM 2019. International Performing Arts Festival


IDEM 2019. International Performing Arts Festival

Del 10 al 21 septiembre

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

The seventh edition of IDEM presents the work of a group of Spanish and international artists united by their marked activism, an engagement with the conflicts of our time that reveals the possibility of restoring the narrative of history, whether through poetry, provocation, humour, defiance, tenderness or hope.

This year, contemporary languages and an emphatically cross-disciplinary approach will be used to explore issues of critical importance to our society: geopolitical economics and justice, colonisation and decolonisation, political asylum, mental illness, diversity and inclusion. From different perspectives, the festival invites us to reposition ourselves as spectators and sharpen our vision so that we can reconnect with the most fundamental premise of art: its transforming power.

During the two-week-long festival, artists from Zimbabwe, Jamaica, New York, Lebanon, Palestine, Switzerland, Italy and Spain will engage in a dialogue with multiple disciplines, including performance, installation, documentary theatre, radio, film, the photography exhibition, the research workshop, and encounters with and between artists.

This year’s festival will open with the iconic choreographer Nora Chipaumire, who will meet with us before she and her company present their show #PUNK (pronounced “hashtag punk”). We’ll also see the Spanish premiere of Lebanese artist Tania El Khoury’s poetic installation, performed by musician and artist Basel Zaraa.

During the second week of the festival, we’ll welcome artist Bárbara Bañuelos and her documentary theatre piece Mi padre no era un famoso escritor ruso [My Father Wasn’t a Famous Russian Writer], a reflection on mental anguish and the body. We’ll also screen the short films of Cinedanza-Diversidad e Inclusión, an IDEM Festival selection of award-winning shorts from the Fiver Festival and MiTS.

In addition, we will have a chance to watch the feature-length documentaries of Milo Rau and Pippo Delbono. The first, The Congo Tribunal, focuses on the war in the Congo and on how economic interests affect the local population. In Vangelo, Pippo Delbono shows us the suffering of refugees who cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Plus, we’ll offer an inclusive workshop on choreographic creation and audiovisual dance production, Cuerpo a cuerpo 2.0 [Hand to Hand 2.0], by Jordi Cortés and Esteban Crucci (#Fiverlabs); the festival will be covered in a radio show run by the team of persons with disabilities from Radio Nikosia, coordinated by Bárbara Bañuelos; and the festival programme will be rounded out with the exhibitions of Alberto de Torres (from the Debajo del Sombrero collective) and Rafael Díaz.

IDEM aspires to be a place of encounter and exchange between artists and audiences, a festival which, year after year, promotes the vision of a more egalitarian society by embracing diversity and always programming events with the idea and the determination to guide the public towards the conquest of a more just society.

Artistic director: Marisa Lull

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