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The Solidarity Department at La Casa Encendida pursues a variety of projects and activities to support the efforts of people who work in or contribute to social enterprises. The goal of these initiatives is to minister to the needs of vulnerable groups, build networks and help to create a more caring, responsible society. Courses and talks (debate series, lectures, seminars, round tables and conferences) provide an opportunity to analyse the reality of societies that bear the brunt of today's most pressing problems. In addition to contents that specifically target the social enterprise sector, LCE offers other activities open to everyone interested in bringing about social change and reflecting on the principles of solidarity, thus reinforcing the centre's commitment to social welfare.

El Muro

El Muro is a showcase for projects created by the protagonists of many of the activities held in the classrooms, labs, towers and other spaces at La Casa Encendida: a surface where people from any field of action—environment, education, arts or solidarity—can speak out and share their work.