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Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times From 01 March to 12 December 2018
Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times

A lecture series about the opportunities that exist for building other types of societies and relations between peoples. The collective construction of alternatives is already underway and has become a fundamental means of opposing the dominant narratives that insist there is only one way forward.

Cafés Scientifiques 2018 on "Sustainable Cities"

A unique forum that invites the public to discuss with Spanish and British speakers how we are working to improve our cities.

Film and Debate Series: "Chinese Immigration and Cultural Identities"

This cycle invites audiences to reflect on the migratory experience of different age groups among the Chinese population in Spain, focusing on their personal quests, continuing practice of cultural traditions associated with their origins, relationships with family and friends, sense of community, and the role of language as an element of cohesion.

  • 20 November 2018
    Session 1. New Business?
    Films, Screenings, Talks Session 1. New Business?

    This session explores the discontinuity or continuity that young Chinese descendants seek, both in how they strive to (…)

  • 21 November 2018
    Session 2. "Generational" Gazes
    Films, Screenings, Talks Session 2. "Generational" Gazes

    This session addresses the way in which Chinese immigrants from two different age groups—young people and the (…)

8th Márgenes Festival From 24 November to 02 December 2018
8th Márgenes Festival

A flexible, provocative and innovative competition that constantly reflects on the direction in which cinema and contemporary society are headed. Each year the event mutates to adapt to new realities and needs.

Monographics From 28 February 2018 to 02 March

In the "Monographics" film cycle we invite young film-makers, national and international, to present the short creations that best sum up the essence of their work.

  • 28 February 2018
    Monographic: Pantaleón
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Pantaleón

    We begin our new cycle with a retrospective of work by David Pantaleón, a film-maker who has turned short films into a (…)

  • 25 April 2018
    Monographic: Gabriel Abrantes
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Gabriel Abrantes

    Gabriel Abrantes will be the guest of honour at the second session of “Monographics”, a series in which we review (…)

Women against Impunity 2018 From 22 May to 25 October 2018
Women against Impunity 2018

Women are leading the biggest and most ambitious social transformation the world has ever seen, attested by their progress in the arena of human rights, their occupation of decision-making spheres, and their global subversion of the subordinate position to which they have been relegated for centuries.

Puwerty 2018 29 September 2018
Puwerty 2018

New edition, same formula: power + puberty. The Puwerty festival is back for its second run, giving creators between ages 12 and 25 a chance to be heard. Multiple disciplines converge at this event where young artists present their work to audiences of all ages.

  • 29 September 2018
    Puwerty Day
    Concerts, Performances, Talks Puwerty Day

    The second edition of Puwerty kicks off with two creative workshops and the musical stylings of daniel daniel, who will (…)

Undermined Traditions From 18 to 27 September 2018
Undermined Traditions

This cycle features a group of works that challenge the scientific and mediatic discourse on which ethnographic film has traditionally been predicated. At the intersection of documentary film, contemporary art and performance, the authors become objects of cultural study, consider themselves in relation to their environment, and approach other subjects without appropriating them.

  • 20 September 2018
    Programme 2: Songs of Hain
    Films, Screenings, Talks Programme 2: Songs of Hain

    In Songs of Hain, the performativity of ancient dances and ceremonies is revived and modernised by bodies and voices (…)

  • 25 September 2018
    Programme 3: Mindfulness
    Films, Screenings, Talks Programme 3: Mindfulness

    Mindfulness or being fully present in the now is a very popular concept in 21st-century Western society (…)

  • 27 September 2018
    Programme 4: Towards a Queer Ethnography
    Films, Screenings, Talks Programme 4: Towards a Queer Ethnography

    In the denaturalisation and departure from the dominant linearity of history proposed by the new ethnography, queer (…)

IDEM 2018. International Performing Arts Festival

The sixth edition of IDEM will be held from 12 to 22 September. This year’s event will offer different artistic proposals that revolve around diversity (of languages, formats, disciplines, bodies, themes, etc.), maintaining a two-week-long open dialogue with citizens that will help to create new ways of seeing, thinking and feeling.

Film and Discussions: “Locked Up: Inescapable Spaces”

Film plays with space and through its language tells us stories set in one or several locations that create a sense of enclosure, of the impossibility of finding an open door. On Tuesdays and Thursdays in July, La Casa Encendida invites us to enter the closed space of a cinema and experience stories bounded by four walls.

Refugees and Displaced Persons: Named, Nameless and Forgotten

A four-part audiovisual cycle that narrates the experiences of some of the millions of people across the globe who have been displaced by poverty, social exclusion, climate change or armed conflict. As migrant numbers swell, they encounter an increasingly hostile response from an international community incapable of dealing with this crisis.

FILMADRID 2018 From 09 to 15 June 2018

Screening of the Avant-garde Section of FILMADRID, the international film festival that explores the novel, uncharted paths of contemporary cinema, and of the cycle dedicated to Israeli director Raquel Chalfi.

La Terraza Magnética 2018 From 23 June to 26 August 2018
La Terraza Magnética 2018

Over the weekends in July and August, the Terrace at La Casa Encendida will magically transform into La Terraza Magnética with its customary programme of music and cinema, this time featuring the cycle Carte Blanche for Gus Van Sant, a survey of the films that have most influenced the American director’s work.

  • 23 June 2018
    A Conversation with Gus Van Sant
    Films, Screenings, Talks A Conversation with Gus Van Sant

    To mark the opening of the Gus Van Sant exhibition, the director himself will join us to review his filmography in (…)

Gelatine From 18 to 20 May 2018

La Casa Encendida presents Gelatine, a festival of art and thought that aims to reflect on human beings who rewrite themselves in/with a contingent, constantly changing world.

Princesses and Darthvaders 2018 From 01 to 03 June 2018
Princesses and Darthvaders 2018

La Casa Encendida welcomes the fourth edition of the festival that uses guerrilla culture and humour to talk about feminisms. We’ll have Jessa Crispin, Puto Chino Maricón and Tríbade, drag and feminist self-defence workshops, Victoria Sin and the stand-up stylings of Ana Carolina and Jelen Morales, plus HJ Darger and Silvia Cruz in Vermouth, Press and Blablabla.

  • 01 June 2018
    Jessa Crispin + Puto Chino Maricón
    Concerts, Literature, Talks Jessa Crispin + Puto Chino Maricón

    The festival will open with a conversation between Jessa Crispin and María Fernanda Ampuero (…)

  • 02 June 2018
    Victoria Sin + Ana Carolina
    Performances, Talks Victoria Sin + Ana Carolina

    How is the idea of femininity constructed? Can we manipulate gender to demonstrate its power of representation? Artist (…)

  • 03 June 2018
    Vermouth, Press and Blablabla
    Talks Vermouth, Press and Blablabla

    We’re bringing back the popular "Vermouth, Press and Blablabla", an aperitif-session where two top communicators (…)

The Voice of the Voiceless 2018 From 10 to 24 May 2018
The Voice of the Voiceless 2018

11th edition of this cycle of documentaries and debates on the topic of education for development.

Swimming in Sounds: A Tribute to Arthur Russell

La Casa Encendida pays tribute to Arthur Russell, a musician, cellist, avant-garde composer, pop innovator, “disco-not-disco” forerunner and a pivotal figure on the downtown New York music scene of the 1970s and 80s.

First Person Madrid 2018

La Casa Encendida welcomes the 3rd First Person Madrid Festival, a leading event featuring creators from different artistic disciplines whose work is based on their own life experiences. Through lectures and talks, these creators will get up close and personal with the audience as they share snippets of their lives.

  • 10 May 2018
    Tom Gauld
    Literature, Talks Tom Gauld

    Scottish draughtsman and illustrator Tom Gauld will tell us about his passion for reading and editorial vices, (…)

  • 10 May 2018
    Vivian Gornick - Anna Guitart
    Literature, Talks Vivian Gornick - Anna Guitart

    Writer, journalist and essayist Vivian Gornick will tell us about her life and work in an interview conducted by (…)

  • 10 May 2018
    Simon Reynolds
    Literature, Talks Simon Reynolds

    Music critic Simon Reynolds will talk about glam rock, from its early pioneers to its present-day stars, and how the (…)

Libros Mutantes 2018. Madrid Art Book Fair

From 20 to 22 April, La Casa Encendida will host a new edition of Libros Mutantes/Mutant Books, the Madrid Art Book Fair. Discover the projects of selected independent publishers, including experimental, self-published and art books, fascinating design and a non-stop programme of talks, workshops, music and other activities.

  • From 20 to 21 April 2018
    Mutant Perspectives
    Talks Mutant Perspectives

    The two-day lecture series at Libros Mutantes/Mutant Books, the Madrid Art Book Fair, will feature pioneers and (…)

  • From 20 to 21 April 2018
    Projects, Talks Quiosco

    The mutant space Quiosco returns to Libros Mutantes on Friday with appearances by Portable Print Studio, Ruda Print (…)

  • 21 April 2018
    Poetry Slash
    Literature, Talks Poetry Slash

    Join us for a poetry recital where participants will read works generated using code or any other computer system to (…)

  • Talks #AULO
    From 12 to 15 June 2018

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