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Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times 2019 From 20 March to 12 December 2019
Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times 2019

The 2030 Agenda is a universal, integrated, transformative vision for a better world. It is an agenda for people, to end poverty; for the planet, our common home; and for shared prosperity, peace and cooperation. It conveys the urgency of climate action and is rooted in gender equality and respect for the rights of all.

Women against Impunity 2019 From 31 January to 19 December 2019
Women against Impunity 2019

Feminism is the only global human rights movement that currently has an active presence across the length and breadth of our planet. Its eminently practical and experiential nature sets the pace of today’s global agenda. Thousands of women around the world are revolutionising social, political, cultural and economic spaces, guided by the compass of equal rights.

ÁFRICA on! From 12 to 20 November 2019

AFRICA on! is a pioneering cultural initiative in Spain that aims to combine academic research on the realities of the African continent with a showcase of the artistic expressions of Africa and the African diaspora.

Cafés Scientifiques 2019: "Sustainable Cities"

A different way of debating and proposing ideas with Spanish and British guest speakers. How are we working to improve our cities and make them more liveable?

Monographics From 28 February 2018 to 02 March

In the "Monographics" film cycle we invite young film-makers, national and international, to present the short creations that best sum up the essence of their work.

  • 20 March 2019
    Monographic: Salomé Lamas
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Salomé Lamas

    A programme of shorts selected by the artist, who will be visiting La Casa Encendida to lead a workshop on (…)

  • 29 May 2019
    Monographic: Bertrand Mandico
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Bertrand Mandico

    A selection of the most evocative short films by the creator of Les garçons sauvages (The Wild Boys, 2017), from his (…)

  • 23 October 2019
    Monographic: Alex Reynolds
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Alex Reynolds

    The October film programme at La Casa Encendida is “under the influence” of she makes noise to celebrate the (…)

  • 20 November 2019
    Monographic: CANADA
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: CANADA

    Join us for a visual and musical tour of CANADA, a production company that’s revolutionised the international music (…)

Vibrant Matter From 05 to 08 November 2019
Vibrant Matter

Structured in four programmes, this audiovisual cycle reflects on the thought-producing potential of matter. In this age of biotechnology, technoscience, exoskeletons and artificial intelligence, how can we rethink the human being, and the female body in particular?

Pajareros 2019 From 10 to 30 October 2019
Pajareros 2019

Teaming up with SEO/BirdLife for the sixth year, Pajareros [Birders] returns with a new selection of documentaries devoted to birds and the human professionals or amateurs who spend part of their lives studying and protecting them.

she makes noise 2019 From 03 to 06 October 2019
she makes noise 2019

she makes noise turns five, confirming its status as one of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of the autumn cultural calendar. It seems like it was only yesterday when we began planning this bold, risky niche event, and now we’ve got a solid track record of opening “doors and windows” to contemporary creativity from a gender perspective.

IDEM 2019. International Performing Arts Festival

The seventh edition of IDEM presents the work of a group of Spanish and international artists united by their marked activism, an engagement with the conflicts of our time that reveals the possibility of restoring the narrative of history, whether through poetry, provocation, humour, defiance, tenderness or hope.

Puwerty 2019 28 September 2019
Puwerty 2019

As the new academic year begins, La Casa Encendida’s creative youth festival returns for its third edition. The “Power and Puberty” slogan still sums up the essence of Puwerty, where creative talents under age 26 working in virtually every artistic discipline will come together for a unique event.

  • 28 September 2019
    Puwerty Día
    Concerts, Films, Screenings, Talks Puwerty Día

    In Puwerty Día, the daytime segment, identity and the virtual will intertwine in creative workshops led by Inés (…)

Addicted to Toxicity From 02 to 25 July 2019
Addicted to Toxicity

Human relationships and how they can be toxic or beneficial is a common theme in cinema. Complex relationships between couples, relatives, friends and work colleagues can lead to happiness or become a nightmare, a trap with no obvious way out. Every Tuesday and Thursday in July, La Casa Encendida presents toxic stories that seek an antidote.

FILMADRID 2019 From 08 to 14 June 2019

For the fifth year running, La Casa Encendida presents the Avant-Garde competition, part of the annual international festival FILMADRID featuring the first screenings of the year's best films. This year we're also including a fascinating section devoted to recent Brazilian cinema, plus a Live Avant-Garde session with the Japanese filmmaker Takashi Makino.

Princesses and Darthvaders 2019 From 07 to 09 June 2019
Princesses and Darthvaders 2019

La Casa Encendida welcomes the fifth edition of the festival that uses guerrilla culture and humour to talk about feminisms. The line-up includes Mona Eltahawy, Najat El Hachmi, IRA, Ajuar and Aries, Manuela D'Avila and Gabriela Wiener, the stand-up comedy of Rocío Quillahuaman and Irantzu Varela, and María Von Touceda and Brigitte Vasallo in “Vermouth, Press and Blablabla”.

  • 07 June 2019
    Manuela D'Avila + Lorena Iglesias
    Talks Manuela D'Avila + Lorena Iglesias

    We’ll kick off the festival with a double dose of conversation, featuring Manuela D’Avila, Gabriela Wiener and (…)

Wake Up! The Planet Needs You 2019 From 30 May to 02 June 2019
Wake Up! The Planet Needs You 2019

The climate’s in crisis, so change the world. OK, but how?

Binary Sounds 25 May 2019
Binary Sounds

For one day, the Courtyard at La Casa Encendida will be transformed into a temporary radio studio sending out live broadcasts by some of the world’s best online music stations, with special guest artists and free admission for all. Binary Sounds is Spain's first digital music radio event.

  • 25 May 2019
    Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)

    This show, developed especially for Binary Sounds, will reflect on and discuss the radio station and its contributions (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Peekaboo Jams (East Side Radio)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Peekaboo Jams (East Side Radio)

    Trol2000, the artistic alias of Rodrigo Alves, is in charge of this show, which airs regularly on East Side Radio every (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star
    Concerts, Talks WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star

    How and why do new internet radio projects appear? What is the radio of the 21st century really like? How does it (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)

    Rascally DJ Flaca and Rocío (CHICA) bring you the hottest segment on Radio Primavera Sound (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)

    Broadcast on the Italian station Radio Raheem and hosted by Silvia Mal, this show is dedicated to discovering indie (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Latitudes (Dublab)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Latitudes (Dublab)

    An hour-long show featuring musical productions related to the station’s collaborators that illustrate the richness (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Global Roots (Worldwide FM)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Global Roots (Worldwide FM)

    This show’s weekly segment on Worldwide FM is a dose of experimental and underground music from every corner of the (…)

Gelatine 2019 From 16 to 18 May 2019
Gelatine 2019

Gelatine, the festival of art and thought that emphasises a nature constantly under construction, is back for a second year, bringing us narratives that question the very notion of the “individual” by admitting that the “alien” has always existed and is in fact a vital part of ourselves.

Conscientious Consumers: Fair Trade and the SDGs. World Fair Trade Day

To celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 11, three documentaries will be screened in the month of May. These films will show us global situations that reveal the consequences of the aggressive exploitation of natural resources, but we will also discover alternatives already being implemented in many places around the world.

  • 07 May 2019
    "Food Coop” by Tom Boothe
    Films, Screenings, Talks "Food Coop” by Tom Boothe

    Screening of Tom Boothe’s film Food Coop, followed by a discussion with Ana Fernández and Renzo Tello.

  • 21 May 2019
    "The True Cost" by Andrew Morgan
    Films, Screenings, Talks "The True Cost" by Andrew Morgan

    Screening of Andrew Morgan’s film The True Cost, followed by a discussion with Eva Kreisler and Marta Lozano.

  • 28 May 2019
    “Death by Design” by Sue Williams
    Films, Screenings, Talks “Death by Design” by Sue Williams

    Screening of Sue Williams’s film Death by Design, followed by a discussion with Fernando Tucho and Alberto Medina.

The First Victim Is Always the Truth From 26 March to 23 May 2019
The First Victim Is Always the Truth

This debate series aims to analyse the limits of the information society in both consolidated democracies and countries in conflict or under authoritarian regimes. Speakers will examine the use of propaganda in recent history, from the Bosnian War to 9/11, and explore the key aspects of “post-truth” and digital fake news in today’s world.

Libros Mutantes 2019. Madrid Art Book Fair

La Casa Encendida welcomes another edition of the Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair, an event dedicated to the most experimental side of the international publishing world: art books, fanzines, photo books, magazines, and a non-stop programme of talks, exhibitions, poetry, technology, interventions and music.

  • From 26 to 28 April 2019
    Atlas: Portugal
    Concerts, Projects, Talks Atlas: Portugal

    With the inauguration of "Atlas: “Portugal”, visitors to Libros Mutantes will be able to peruse the graphic and (…)

  • From 26 to 27 April 2019
    Mutant Perspectives
    Literature, Presentation, Talks Mutant Perspectives

    A series of talks by different professionals in the fields of design, indie publishing and contemporary art (…)

The Revolution of Spaces: Indirect Object

Three days of lectures and experimental workshops organised by La Casa Encendida in partnership with IKEA during the Madrid Design Festival.

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