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Puwerty 2020 – December

Puwerty comes back to La Casa for Christmas. The second encounter with young culture takes place on 19 December with a full day’s programme of music and celebration.

  • 19 December 2020
    Puwerty Morning
    La Casa On, Talks, Concerts Puwerty Morning

    The presentation of the winning project of the Inbox competition and the Adiós Amores concert start the ball rolling (…)

  • 19 December 2020
    Puwerty Afternoon
    La Casa On, Talks, Concerts Puwerty Afternoon

    The afternoon session of Puwerty is given over to workshops led by the Desmusea collective and Ana CSC (…)

Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times 2020

This cycle explores the 2030 Agenda and the opportunities for advancing the construction of different social models and relations between peoples.

Stones, Ghosts, Animals and Goddesses From 05 November to 03 December 2020
Stones, Ghosts, Animals and Goddesses

A cycle of films, most of them never before screened in Spain, and accompanying talks on the personal, the political and territory.

Women against Impunity 2020 From 25 February 2020 to 18 February
Women against Impunity 2020

All over the world, women are promoting structural changes that will put an end to centuries of enforced silence and denial of their rights and privileges as full citizens. Their demands for a more prominent and visible role in social, political and economic life are sweeping across the planet.

She Makes Noise 2020 From 22 to 25 October 2020
She Makes Noise 2020

She Makes Noise remains committed to experimentation and risk in its proposals, without overlooking the need to cater for and promote the local cultural community. Concepts like activism, participation, Afrofuturism and post-feminism will be explored in drone, Afro-bass, ambient and techno music sessions at the festival’s sixth edition.

Pajareros 2020 From 01 to 28 October 2020
Pajareros 2020

Teaming up with SEO/BirdLife for the seventh year, Pajareros [Birders] returns with a new selection of documentaries devoted to birds and the human professionals or amateurs who spend part of their lives studying and protecting them.

Humus Revolution 2020 From 19 to 27 September
Humus Revolution 2020

A Garden and City festival, a fun opportunity to discover the agro-urban universe of our cities.

IDEM 2020. International Performing Arts Festival

The IDEM Festival reflects the frenzy and fragility of the new global reality. Imbued with a spirit of social protest, but also plenty of fun and poetry, this year’s line-up will feature the voices of artists on the front lines of international stage action, willing to dialogue, reflect and inspire as they guide us into a stimulating Socratic debate.

Puwerty 2020 - September 19 September 2020
Puwerty 2020 - September

Fourth edition of the festival where creative talents under age 26 from virtually every artistic discipline come together.

  • 19 September 2020
    Inbox: SOS to Art
    La Casa On, Talks Inbox: SOS to Art

    Puwerty is a festival of celebration, but also of reflection (…)

  • 19 September 2020
    Deep Thinkers? Philosophy for TikTokers
    La Casa On, Talks Deep Thinkers? Philosophy for TikTokers

    Is Twitter the new agora where philosophers ruminate on logos and pathos? The place where empiricists and rationalists (…)

Lectures “Planet Earth: Our Major Challenges” From 18 February to 03 March 2020
Lectures “Planet Earth: Our Major Challenges”

This lecture series, organised in connection with the exhibition Planet Earth: Our Major Challenges, aims to raise awareness about the current climate emergency and the need to save our resources and limit our predatory activities on the planet.

Monographics From 28 February 2018 to 02 March

In the "Monographics" film cycle we invite young film-makers, national and international, to present the short creations that best sum up the essence of their work.

  • 26 February 2020
    Monographic: Eduardo Williams
    Films, Screenings, Talks Monographic: Eduardo Williams

    A retrospective look at the short films of Eduardo Williams, who will be leading the workshop “The Certainty of the (…)

  • 31 March 2020
    Musquiqui Chihying
    Films, Screenings, Talks Musquiqui Chihying

    A monographic programme that analyses Musquiqui Chihying’s view of European colonialism in Asia and Africa and the (…)

Agroecology, food sovereignty, urban agriculture & development cooperation

A look at the theoretical framework of agroecological approaches, giving a broad overview of agroecology from different perspectives, with an emphasis on today's social and environmental reality.

25 Questions about Madrid’s Future From 30 January to 27 February 2020
25 Questions about Madrid’s Future

Cities are the people who live in them and the spaces built to facilitate their coexistence and meet their needs: shelter, work, mobility, health, education, culture, entertainment, etc. Cities are places of meeting and opportunity, but also of segregation and inequality.

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