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Fabricario: Grassroots Construction Techniques and Materials


Fabricario: Grassroots Construction Techniques and Materials

From 30 May to 04 June 2017

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


An apparatus that integrates and showcases various grassroots construction techniques and materials. An experimental manufacturing laboratory will host five themed workshops on a variety of eco-friendly, affordable, recyclable, creative construction techniques and materials, making them available to the community and reviving more environmentally sustainable practices.

Fabricario will temporarily create a "grassroots manufacturing workshop" where different groups and artists will show us how to produce and work with affordable, creative, accessible materials that can be applied to everyday spaces and settings—homes, offices, streets, squares and parks—in a fun, collaborative, stimulating way.

Fabricario has selected five innovative, appealing experiences as the focus of educational workshops where participants will be able to experiment with new materials, giving the general public a chance to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities applied to those materials by the workshop leaders in a free, cooperative, participatory activity.

Fabricario has devised a unique prototype installed in the courtyard at La Casa Encendida where each workshop can be conducted in a different area or level of that space. The idea is that the results of the workshop will be displayed there for the duration of the event and travel to other spaces and venues once it ends.

Fabricario is a project conceived and designed by [VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (Grassroots Initiatives Seedbed) and produced by La Casa Encendida.

To view the programme and schedule of this series (only available in Spanish), select the "Español" language option at the top of the page.

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