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Fake News versus Truth: Right versus Wrong?

Foto: Álvaro Serrano Sierra


Fake News versus Truth: Right versus Wrong?


05 February

07:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


We will examine this pressing, disturbing topic from different angles in a round table discussion with Marta Peirano, Alfonso Armada, Javier Gomá and Concha Barrigós.

What role does and can culture play? Is it a tool for heightening the public’s critical awareness? Are truth, fact and accountability relative, subjective terms? Do they have moral or even spiritual implications? Are images more powerful than the spoken or written word? Who and what still inspires our trust?

Round table series: “The Devastating Speed of Lies”

  • 21 January - “Culture versus Lies”. Teatro de La Abadía
  • 5 February - “Fake News versus Truth: Right versus Wrong?” La Casa Encendida
  • 12 February - “Can We Trust Images?” Fine Arts Circle

Coordinated by: Teatro de La Abadía, Fine Arts Circle and La Casa Encendida

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