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Humus Revolution 2018

Screenings, Talks, Trips and walks

Humus Revolution 2018

From 16 to 18 March 2018

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Off-site activity, Courtyard, Exits to street

Three fun days to discover the agro-urban universe of our cities. And we’ll discover it by running, pedalling, eating, leaping across rooftops and attending a festival of shorts about the garden and the city.

The Humus Revolution has already begun. Nearly 100 urban community gardens embrace and breathe life into the city of Madrid. Those gardens flourish in vacant lots and green zones, between apartment blocks, at universities, on building rooftops and even in condominium corridors. We want to shine a spotlight on these new green spots in Madrid, which still go unnoticed by many city dwellers.

We invite you to discover what goes on in these oases of biodiversity, how they’re organised, who inhabits them and the activities they pursue, and whether they’re able to eat Romanesco broccoli without becoming hypnotised by the sight of its fractal geometry. And we’ll discover all this by running, pedalling, eating, leaping across rooftops and attending a festival of shorts about the garden and the city.

The Humus is calling you. Don’t forget to pollinate and photosynthesise yourself.


  • 16 March: The Magic Bean Route

    A tour of various rooftops in the Orcasitas neighbourhood that have been taken over by gardens of vegetables and aromatic plants. We want to know what it takes to start a rooftop garden, which species grow best at a height, and how they benefit the communities in which they’re rooted.

  • 16 March: 3rd Humus Film Festival

    A shorts festival on the theme of the garden and the city. Four categories: fantasy, art film, comedy and documentary. Three and half minutes to tell an agro-story that connects these two ecosystems. We’ll sow a variety of seeds, from the most surreal, comical, amateur shorts to more professional, artistic or socially engaged films.

  • 17 March: “A Stroll on Wheels: From Garden to Garden”

    The goal of this activity is to facilitate a pleasant stroll on wheels for people whose disabilities often make it difficult for them to enjoy this form of recreation, sport and mobility. The cycle tour will end with a sensory exploration of one of the city’s community gardens.

  • 18 March: Garden Run

    Run, run, as fast as you can! A 9-km running tour that will take us through different kinds of urban gardens. Sometimes you have to pick up the pace to discover these news spaces of civic participation that have sprouted up across the city, filling parks, patches between apartment blocks and lots where nothing has lived for years.

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