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Humus Revolution 2019

Screenings, Talks, Trips and walks

Humus Revolution 2019

From 29 March to 06 April 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Off-site activity, Courtyard, Terrace

A Garden & City festival, nine fun days to discover the agro-urban universe of our cities.

The Humus Revolution is a reality. Nearly 100 urban community gardens have sprung up in Madrid to take root in our city’s soil. Those gardens flourish in vacant lots and green zones, between apartment blocks, in tree wells on the street, on building rooftops, at health centres and schools. We want to shine a spotlight on these new green spots in Madrid, which still go unnoticed by many city dwellers, and also showcase other urban agriculture experiences across the globe through film.

We invite you to discover what goes on in these oases of biodiversity and urban experimentation, where people aren't just cultivating vegetables and human relationships, but also testing new, more respectful ways of interacting with the city, promoting sustainable mobility, environmental education, degrowth and organic buying groups.

And we’ll do it running, pedalling, building furniture from recycled wood, participating in a garden treasure hunt, learning to hear the language of plants, discovering the wild flora that grows in patches of wasteland, or attending a Garden & City-themed shorts festival.

The Humus is calling you. Don’t forget to pollinate and photosynthesise yourself.

Programme (only available in Spanish)

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