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Narrating Seven Ecologies


Narrating Seven Ecologies

01 October

06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Ecologies for Other Architectures

In the Auditorium of La Casa Encendida, the participating studios talk about how they created the architectural projects on display in the Courtyard, which audiences can visit on 1 and 2 October.

The encounter consists of two parts: a presentation of the contents and the participants by the project curator, Gianpiero Venturini; and seven presentations, each approximately 20 minutes long, in which the participating studios talk about their projects and how they developed them.


  • Aparicio/Eeraerts reflect on the material transformation and changes that are occurring in our planet due to the raw materials used to build everyday objects.
  • Pareid Architecture presents a reflection on the concept of gaming, using an interactive game to raise public awareness about the responsible use of the materials employed to build our cities.
  • Breathe Earth Collective presents its climate-culture concept to draw attention to our responsibility for caring for the plant species that surround us.
  • Studio Wild invites us to reflect on the rapid abandonment of the central areas of Mediterranean countries, using a fragile sculpture of a weighing scale to highlight a delicate balance.
  • Takk addresses the coexistence between animal and human species and the creation of human-induced ecosystems.
  • Lucía Tahan views technology as a new form of ecology and has created an immersive device that connects the real and virtual worlds.
  • HPO Collective brings together all the previous proposals in a performative action that mixes images, music and sounds to encourage reflection on the responsible use of available resources.

Moderated by: Gianpiero Venturini, Itinerant Office

Spanish/English simultaneous translation will be provided.

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