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Positive activism

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Positive activism

19 May 2021

06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Online activity

Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021

Some people can change the world. In today’s online meeting we shall get to know leading national and international activists who understand that doing things for the common good is the best thing one can do for oneself. The inspiring documentary Rebel for Life will awaken the nonconformist inside us.

This debate will be chaired by Koro López de Uralde, a young Spanish activist who leads the #GreenISDIgital initiative and the sustainable clothing brand No Time. Panellists:

  • Victor Viñuales, director of ECODES, Ecología y Desarrollo.
  • Eva Saldaña, executive director of Greenpeace Spain and co-director of People Power.
  • Valentina Álvarez Salinas (twelve years old), a secondary-education student in Spain, author of the song “Despierta” (“Awake”).
  • Ángel Cano, director of the Asociación Despierta and communication officer at Climate Reality, in Spain.

The panel discussion will also feature special interviews, expressly recorded for the series, with:

  • Helena Norberg Hodge, director of acclaimed documentary The Economics of Happiness and the creator of localfutures.org. She strives for the renewal of ecological, social and spiritual welfare by promoting a systemic change aimed at economic localisation.
  • Gail Bradbrook, scientist, climate activist and co-founder of environmental social movement Extinction Rebellion.


Rebel for Life, Evermind Media. Holland, 2020. 70’. Original soundtrack with Spanish subtitles

The truly interesting story of a young hospital doctor who becomes a climate activist. After realising that a climate crisis is a health crisis, he makes a huge sacrifice, leaving his well-paid doctor’s job and his comfortable life to join climate movement Extinction Rebellion. But right then, covid-19 hits the planet... Is there a future for us on Earth?

The event will be streamed on this website and on the Casa Encendida YouTube channel. The film is available on the Casa Encendida Vimeo channel after registering by clicking on "Tickets".

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