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“Possible Bodies” with Jara Rocha


“Possible Bodies” with Jara Rocha

16 May

07:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Gelatine 2019

An ongoing disobedient research-action begun by Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting in 2015 that focuses on the cultural regime of volumetry. This collective investigation is a matter of political urgency, as these techno-ecologies and their limited practices intersect with issues of race, gender, class, species, age and ability.

Possible Bodies explores the cultural regime of volumetry and works with so-called “bodies” in the context of technologies, infrastructures and 3D scanning, modelling and tracking methods. The project study focuses on a para-disciplinary inventory that contains a mutant set of artistic manifestations, technical scripts, documentation, manuals, interfaces, vocabularies, records of performances, software demos, tools, physical objects, animations, mathematical concepts, techno-political anecdotes, games, renders, etc.

This nomadic, sticky collection constitutes a common context for paying attention to the dimensional, notational, scalable and organisational devices that cause “so-called bodies” to emerge and correlate in certain ways rather than others. It is therefore an inventory that provides trajectories of attention and affection in the techno-political fiction of volume.

On this occasion, Jara Rocha offers a guided tour of the project inventory, pausing to examine certain items that have established themselves as paradigmatic and posing timely questions about the industrial continuum of 3D and the semiotic and material conditions of possibility of bodies that are in, with, before, through or despite it.

Activities Festival Gelatine 2019 From 16 to 18 May Open/close festival

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