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Remake Textile


Remake Textile

From 25 to 28 November

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

This programme of activities showcases different approaches to the circular economy through innovation in textile production. The proposals included highlight the new trends in design and circular production in the fashion industry.

The aim of the circular economy is to reduce the use of raw materials, eliminate the production of waste and regenerate natural systems. The fashion industry, as it is conventionally conceived, is based on a linear system of extraction, production and disposal. With its extraction of resources, CO2 emissions and waste generated throughout the value chain, the textile sector is one of the most polluting sectors. The world produces approximately 100 billion items of clothing each year, and in Europe specifically each person consumes an average of 26 kilos of clothing per year and discards 11 kilos.

Remake Textile offers an overview of the trends in circular design, new materials and new manufacturing processes applied to textiles. Some of these trends now have a firm footing while others are still at the research stage, but they are all crucial for boosting the transition of the fashion industry to the circular system.

The programme includes a workshop on upcycling; an intensive workshop on innovative methodologies for integrating textile recycling into production processes; and a space for technical and creative exploration and experimentation where participants can analyse and create a system for designing and producing a new garment out of discarded fabrics or clothing.

The programme also includes an exhibition on new approaches to textile design and production. Four interconnected areas examine the use of innovation as a lever for the transition towards circularity: new technologies, materials, technology and transformation processes.

As the final activity in the programme, experts from the fashion industry will come together to discuss innovation in textiles and new circular systems, from aspects such as upcycling training and creation; experimentation and new technologies; and the launch and consolidation of a brand.

Organised by: La Casa Encendida and Altrapo Lab, a cooperative that promotes and provides training in textile recycling and sustainable design.

Activities Cycle Remake Textile Open/close Cycle
  • 25 November
    Remake Dialogue
    Talks Remake Dialogue

    The event is conceived as a space for exploring different approaches to circular systems of textile production using (…)

  • From 26 to 28 November
    Remake Space
    Talks Remake Space

    Zero waste patterns, organic fabrics, digital sewing machines and projects to turn textile waste into bricks (…)

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