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Wake Up: The Planet Needs You 2017

Screenings, Talks

Wake Up: The Planet Needs You 2017

From 18 to 21 May

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Rebel. For a less polluted world. For more sustainable development. For a better, more conscientious, collaborative way of life. We can no longer put our trust in politicians or global agreements. The danger is so great and the response so weak that we have no choice but to rebel and take action.

But how? What can we do? We at the Asociación Despierta still believe that only an informed, active society can change the world. And that society is shaped by all of us, starting with you. Join the rebellion. Come to the eighth edition of Despierta and wake up: learn how to be a rebel with a cause, because the planet needs you. The year's best documentaries, workshops and debates with world leaders on global change will tell you how you can improve your life and care for the planet.

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