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Women against Impunity 2019

Marcos del Mazo Valentín


Women against Impunity 2019

From 31 January to 19 December 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Feminism is the only global human rights movement that currently has an active presence across the length and breadth of our planet. Its eminently practical and experiential nature sets the pace of today’s global agenda. Thousands of women around the world are revolutionising social, political, cultural and economic spaces, guided by the compass of equal rights.

Feminisms, as diverse as women themselves, have united to combat the legal and social impunity that has historically thwarted attempts to seek justice for the myriad acts of violence suffered by women across the globe. Women are marching in the streets of major cities, but the greatest revolution is the transformation of the smallest, most intimate social spheres: women everywhere are no longer resigned to oppression as their fate, and the seed of equality has been planted in every corner, where it will inevitably continue to bear fruit.

Coordinated by: Association of Guatemalan Women (AMG)

Activities Cycle Women against Impunity 2019 Open/close Cycle

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