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What is La Casa?

What is La Casa?

La Casa Encendida is a social and cultural centre managed by Fundación Montemadrid, a dynamic space open to audiences of all ages and persuasions where visitors can find some of today's most groundbreaking artistic expressions as well as educational, philosophical and debating activities that revolve around the centre's four main spheres of action: Arts, Solidarity, Environment and Education. La Casa Encendida organises various activities in each of these areas, attempting to satisfy the interests and needs of an engaged public attentive to the changing trends of today.

Adapting to global changes and anticipating new social and cultural needs remains our greatest challenge. For this reason, at La Casa Encendida we strive to keep growing as:

  • A cultural centre with a stellar reputation and an avant-garde spirit that offers activities in the fields of the visual and performing arts, music, literature and cinema to support and encourage civic participation in the creation, promotion and comprehension of contemporary culture.
  • A social centre that promotes personal growth, social integration and teamwork through projects and activities related to the disabled community, cooperation aid, employment and volunteer work.
  • A non-formal education centre that explores each of our spheres of action from diverse perspectives with the aim of improving skills and acquiring useful tools for personal and professional advancement.​​
  • A forum for reflecting on and debating social and environmental issues, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable groups and social enterprises, in order to build networks and promote the formation of an engaged, responsible society.​​
  • A platform for supporting and publicising the work of new creators through open calls for proposals, motivated by a desire to promote and provide artists with the tools they need to produce and share their work
  • A creative laboratory where people can materialise their projects with the benefit of professional advice and the resources offered by the centre in its different labs: radio and sound, digital creation and production, photography, and audiovisual post-production.
  • A stimulating environment where children and youth can develop their imagination and hone their experimental skills.
  • An accessible building with an AENOR-certified environmental management system.
  • A meeting place where all are welcome.

What is La Casa? (Download the pdf)