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2020 Environmental Performance

As an environmentally conscious cultural and social centre, La Casa Encendida of Fundación Montemadrid has had an environmental management system in place since 2007, which conforms to standard ISO 14001. Honouring its commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution, this system is periodically reviewed and evaluated in order to identify actions that can be taken to minimise the negative impact of La Casa Encendida's activities on the world around it.

We would like to share with users and visitors a summary of our environmental performance results for the year 2020, which were greatly conditioned by the lockdown and the restrictions introduced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Electricity consumption was nearly 31.91% below the average for the previous three years.
  • Water consumption was 41.11% below the average for the past three years.
  • Gas consumption was 9.79% below the average for the previous three years.
  • In the course of the year we produced 876 kg of hazardous waste, up 72.67% on the average for the period 2017-2019. This increase is mainly explained by the fact that we have gradually been upgrading our computer equipment and continued this year following advice to enable staff to work from home. However, we generated a smaller quantity of other types of hazardous waste due to the decline in our activities.
  • We generated 120,19 m3 of non-hazardous waste, 63.75% less than in the previous three years, again as a result of the decline in our activities.

Thank you for helping us to keep on improving.