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ÍDEM 2017. International Festival of the Scenic Arts

The 5th edition of ÍDEM 2017 will be held from 12 to 24 Sept, with a series of shows on immigration, Islamophobia, justice or ability vs disability (…)

Birders 2017 From 26 September to 04 October
Birders 2017

The fascination that some people feel for birds may be a product of the age-old human dream of flying. In collaboration with SEO/BirdLife, we're offering another edition of this documentary series devoted to birds and the human professionals or amateurs who spend part of their lives studying and protecting them.

"Women against Impunity" 2017 From 18 April to 28 September
"Women against Impunity" 2017

The struggle to make the world a fairer place for women has always needed spokespeople, leaders and ideas grounded in diverse experiences of a common fight against oppression and inequality.

Puwerty 30 September

Puwerty, a portmanteau of the words "power" and "puberty", is the multidisciplinary festival of La Casa Encendida that debunks all stereotypes about adolescence.

  • 30 September
    Puwerty Day
    Concerts, Performances, Talks Puwerty Day

    The afternoon session of Puwerty (from 5 to 8 pm) will offer two identity-exploring workshops (…)

    Price: 3.00 €
  • 30 September
    Puwerty Night
    Concerts, Performances, Talks Puwerty Night

    Public criticism, from the snarky tabloid press to cyber-bullying on the internet, is up for debate (…)

    Price: 3.00 €


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