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Program and guidelines

La Casa Encendida’s main objective is to respond to the interests and demands of a public that is committed to and interested in the drifts and currents of today’s world, and seeks to achieve its goal by adapting to global changes and anticipating new social and cultural needs.


A leading centre for contemporary culture, La Casa Encendida offers activities in the plastic and visual arts, the performing arts, music, literature and film to promote the creation, dissemination and understanding of contemporary culture and encourage citizen participation in the latter.

It also acts as a platform for supporting and disseminating the work of new creators through open calls for production.

Solidarity and the Environment

La Casa Encendida is also a space for reflection and debate on social and environmental issues, with a special focus on disadvantaged groups and the third sector.

In this sense, it aims at creating networks that contribute to the articulation of a committed and responsible social fabric.

In that same spirit, it acts as a social centre that promotes personal self-improvement, social integration and teamwork through projects and activities in the field of disability, cooperation, employment and volunteering.


La Casa Encendida offers a wide range of non-regulated training courses related to Culture, Solidarity and the Environment. The main objective of its courses is the improvement of skills and the acquisition of useful tools for professional and personal development. In addition, its programmes designed for schools, children and young people contribute to developing the latter’s imagination, their capacity for experimentation and their commitment to and knowledge of the world around them.