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Accessibility Policy

Since its creation in 2002, La Casa Encendida has been committed to achieving Universal Accessibility in all possible areas of its activity (courses and workshops, concerts, audiovisual shows, resource facilities, lectures, etc.), so that everyone can enjoy what the institution has to offer.

La Casa Encendida complies with accessibility rules and regulations at every applicable level of legislation, and has established and keeps in place a Universal Accessibility Management System that allows for permanent advances and improvements in the field.

Within each of their specific areas of duty and professional activity, everyone at La Casa Encendida collaborates in achieving the Management System’s accessibility objectives and in meeting all of its requirements.

In addition, in new projects under development, La Casa Encendida always takes into account all aspects relating to Universal Accessibility.

La Casa Encendida is classed as an accessible centre under the UNE 170001 Universal Accessibility standard.

Accessibility to spaces:

  • Spanish Sign Language

    La Casa Encendida provides hearing-impaired users who may need it with a sign-language interpreting service for lectures of less than two hours, if requested in advance. For the rest of activities, users must make their own arrangements and meet any associated costs. In the case of workshops and courses, interpreters are given free access to activities upon request of the person who requires their services. The need for or the use of these special services must always be requested in advance by notifying La Casa Encendida at least five working days before the event is to be held, in the case of lectures, and fifteen days beforehand in the case of courses and workshops.

  • Support and Assistance Personnel During Courses and Workshops

    La Casa Encendida guarantees that any support and assistance personnel (including sign-language interpreters) required by disabled users shall be given free access to the courses and workshops. However, with regard to the hiring of support and assistance personnel, users must make their own arrangements and meet any costs associated with such services. These special needs must be noted on the enrolment form and submitted to La Casa Encendida, for assessment purposes, at least fifteen days before the start of any course or workshop.

  • Accessibility in Children’s Workshops

    In order to facilitate the best possible integration of children with disabilities or special educational needs into courses and workshops, any such conditions and requirements must be noted in advance on the relevant enrolment forms. La Casa Encendida must have this information at least fifteen days before the start of the course or workshop, with a view to assessing each case individually.

    Special requests can be made, and further information obtained, at La Casa Encendida’s Information Point, on 91 506 21 80 or in writing at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Accessibility Policy