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She Makes Noise 2023
21 Oct 2023
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Adelaida © Bo Bannink
Adelaida © Bo Bannink

Joining the festival from Barcelona, electric pop artist Adelaida presents for the first time in Madrid her album Cántaro: an imaginary journey through magical landscapes in which she couples vocal experimentation with electronic production, generating a choral atmosphere against the backdrop of a very special on-stage proposal.

Target audience: Family
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 5€

Adelaida lives and works on the moon; she is a mermaid in winter and a witch in summer. In Cántaro – her debut album, released last year – she raises her voice in an incantation that is filled with endless layers of song.

Cántaro presents a sensory and literary journey through magical and unexpected landscapes. The spell of Adelaida’s voice, trained at the Orfeó Català choir, transitions as it adapts to the different themes of her songs. Using the tools of electronic music, she has generated a choral album that is in the vein of other artists on the current electronic pop scene, such as Marina Herlop, Tarta Relena, Verde Prato and María Arnal.

Her stage proposal offers the audience a performative and immersive set, both sonically and from the point of view of corporeal engagement. Accompanied by her looper and other instruments, she acts as a rhapsodist and guides the audience through the different emotions that make up the story. After performing at the Primavera Sound and Eufònic festivals, this is her debut in Madrid.

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  • The “En Familia” activities are for children, but tickets must be purchased by all attendees regardless of age.

    Adults are not allowed to enter unless accompanied by a minor.

    Recommended age: from 3 years old.

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21 Oct 12 - 13 h