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Sustainability is a central pillar of the Environment Department's programme, and it therefore invites both individuals and groups to share their concerns and work together towards a common goal: a society committed to preserving and respecting the environment. At La Casa Encendida, we believe that globalisation must be ecologically sustainable, striking a healthy balance between conservation and development, ethics and technology. To this end, we offer environmental training and support projects to prevent the deterioration of our planet, focusing in particular on the urban environment. La Casa Encendida has its own rooftop garden, a small green oasis in the heart of the city which we maintain using sustainable gardening practices.

El Muro From 09 October to 05 January 2019
El Muro

El Muro is a showcase for projects created by the protagonists of many of the activities held in the classrooms, labs, towers and other spaces at La Casa Encendida: a surface where people from any field of action—environment, education, arts or solidarity—can speak out and share their work.

Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times From 01 March to 12 December
Changing Our World: Ideas for New Times

A lecture series about the opportunities that exist for building other types of societies and relations between peoples. The collective construction of alternatives is already underway and has become a fundamental means of opposing the dominant narratives that insist there is only one way forward.