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Sustainability is a central pillar of the Environment Department's programme, and it therefore invites both individuals and groups to share their concerns and work together towards a common goal: a society committed to preserving and respecting the environment. At La Casa Encendida, we believe that globalisation must be ecologically sustainable, striking a healthy balance between conservation and development, ethics and technology. To this end, we offer environmental training and support projects to prevent the deterioration of our planet, focusing in particular on the urban environment. La Casa Encendida has its own rooftop garden, a small green oasis in the heart of the city which we maintain using sustainable gardening practices.

Wake Up, The Planet Needs You! 2021

The festival’s 12th edition returns in digital form, with streamed events and online documentaries, to reflect on how to achieve a positive impact on the world and discover new innovative projects that are already making a change. Specialists from all over the planet will take part in this edition to help us act locally from a global perspective.

  • 19 May
    Positive activism
    La Casa On, Screenings, Talks Positive activism

    Some people can change the world (…)

  • 26 May
    A positive future
    La Casa On, Screenings, Talks A positive future

    What will the society of the near future be like? How will we be affected by overpopulation, Big Data, AI, 5G and the (…)