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Sustainability is a central pillar of the Environment Department's programme, and it therefore invites both individuals and groups to share their concerns and work together towards a common goal: a society committed to preserving and respecting the environment. At La Casa Encendida, we believe that globalisation must be ecologically sustainable, striking a healthy balance between conservation and development, ethics and technology. To this end, we offer environmental training and support projects to prevent the deterioration of our planet, focusing in particular on the urban environment. La Casa Encendida has its own rooftop garden, a small green oasis in the heart of the city which we maintain using sustainable gardening practices.

Pajareros 2021

The birds of America that John James Audubon observed and sketched on his trip along the Mississippi in the early 19th century, the spectacular migratory journey made every year by the tiny blackcap warbler, the unique ornithological species of the Canary Islands and the home of the world's largest northern gannet colony are the main focuses of this year’s cycle.

Towards a Fair and Sustainable Food System for Europe

How is food produced and how does it arrive on our table? What factors enter into play throughout its chain of production, distribution and consumption and what is the social and environmental impact of our current industrial food model? This cycle addresses all these issues, as well as the agroecological alternatives to the present model.