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Inéditos 2024

24 May - 15 Sep
Inéditos 2024

The two exhibitions produced for this edition are Inversión Cobra Roll, curated by Julia Coelho (1990, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil) and Renan Araujo (1987, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, São Paulo, Brazil), and Donde cruzan los humos espero una semilla curated by Maria Anna Zazzarino (1988, Caracas, Venezuela).

Inéditos is one of the few programmes that exists in Spain to help young curators to find their footing in the professional art world by offering the competition winners the chance to produce their first exhibition. During the course of twenty-two editions, the Fundación Montemadrid has supported more than sixty emerging curators, supplementing the organisation of their exhibitions with the publication of catalogues and the dissemination of their work. 

Inéditos has featured artists, researchers, educators, arts administrators, cultural producers and freelance curators who have gone to earn national and international acclaim, such as Juan Canela, Emma Brasó, Ángel Calvo Ulloa, Luisa Espino, Irina Mutt, Neme Arranz, and Roberto Vidal. 

The winning projects for this year’s edition are:

Inversión Cobra Roll [Cobra Roll Inversion]

Curated by Julia Coelho (1990, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil) and Renan Araujo (1987, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, São Paulo, Brazil).

Artists: Roser Corella & David Bestué, Noela Covelo & Víctor Ruiz, Luiza Crosman & Maíra Dietrich, Mònica Planes & Àlex Palacin, and Davi Pontes & Wallace Ferreira.

The exhibition revolves around the notions of vertigo, torsion and freefall evoked sculpturally and semantically through the Boomerang, a model of roller coaster that comprises two inversions and a loop, with the trains moving forwards for half the ride and backwards for the other half.

These same properties, potentialities and connotations reappear in the exhibition space detached from that reference, through the works of five art duos who reflect on the relationships between structure and mobility, using the body as the point of contact.

Donde cruzan los humos espero una semilla [Where the fumes mingle, I wait for a seed]

Curated by Maria Anna Zazzarino (1988, Caracas, Venezuela).

Artists: Adrián Balseca, Alba Lorente, Ana Alenso, Christian Lagata, Isabel Carralero, Monique Michelle Verdin, and Nemestudio.

This exhibition project invites us to explore the legacies of the petroculture in the contemporary context, from points of paralysis and immobility but also suspension and possibility. Inspired by the theories developed by the energy humanities, the show takes the notion of impasse as its starting point to explore the contradictions of a time that is characterised by the rejection and interruption of the fossil culture while remaining fascinated by it.

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