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On the lower level, our large auditorium is equipped with a full range of audiovisual resources to offer an unparalleled experience in presentations, press conferences, group discussions, performances, etc.

The entire hall is covered in wood panelling, giving it incredible acoustics and lighting that can be adjusted to the needs of each event.

The auditorium has a large 12 x 4-metre stage that can be extended to a depth of 6 metres, with direct access to the dressing rooms. It boasts comfortable seating for up to 167 audience members and a giant retractable ceiling-mounted 4 x 3-metre screen centred over the stage, perfect for viewing crystal-clear, high-quality images from our 7,000-lumen projector.

The hall also has two booths for simultaneous interpretation and a central audiovisual booth from which all stage elements are controlled.


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