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The Magnetic Terrace 2017. Enter the Party Zone

This summer, from 1 July to 27 August, the Magnetic Terrace returns to La Casa Encendida with more rooftop films and concerts at sunset. Enter the Party Zone!

  • 30 July
    Jose Rico
    Concerts Jose Rico

    In concert on the Magnetic Terrace, the exclusive premiere of Rico's upcoming release Dubvolution (…)

    Price: 5.00 €
  • 06 August
    Concerts Niet!

    Niet! will blend dark ambient, electro, abstract techno and what some call IDM (Intelligent Dance (…)

    Price: 5.00 €
  • 13 August
    Manu Louis
    Concerts Manu Louis

    Manu Louis describes his own music as "a mountain of plastic glasses in the streets the morning (…)

    Price: 5.00 €
  • 20 August
    Tolouse Low Trax
    Concerts Tolouse Low Trax

    In his live performance at the Magnetic Terrace, Tolouse Low Trax will show us why he's earned the (…)

    Price: 5.00 €
  • 27 August
    John Gómez
    Concerts John Gómez

    John Gómez presents Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, a fitting Love Boat-flavoured (…)

    Price: 5.00 €


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