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Altered States: Music and the Creative Process

5 Dec - 19 Dec 2018
Altered States: Music and the Creative Process

During the month of December, the audiovisual cycle “Altered States” will take a look at the creative processes of three contemporary musicians: Nick Cave, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Milford Graves. Each of the three films is an intimate portrait of the connections between the musicians’ creative processes and personal lives, which often intersect and influence each other.

This cycle will screen three films that draw us into the creative process of three musicians, offering an overview of their different approaches and methods as well as a glimpse into the personal circumstances of each artist at the time. We will see Nick Cave in the process of recording his latest album, Ryuichi Sakamoto working through a period of personal difficulties and professional reflection, and Milford Graves in his complex, fascinating world of mysticism and music.

Cycle produced in collaboration with Pedro Portellano

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