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Helena Gallardo presents Forbidden Zone- _Knowledge_

Within the programming of

She Makes Noise 2023
22 Oct 2023
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Forbidden Zone de Helena Gallardo
Forbidden Zone de Helena Gallardo

Considered one of the best DJs on the club circuit, Helena Gallardo – together with visualist Laura Garrido, aka Magmovies – proposes an electronic journey based on images from the sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet. The show, presented within the festival’s family programme “En Familia”, combines experimental music with an audio-visual set, and was created specifically for She Makes Noise 2023.

Target audience: Infantile
Location: Patio
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 5€

Forbidden Zone is an atomic experience in which particles of music and light collide in a space of synergy and synaesthesia designed to allow both children and adults to hear and feel the full range of images in the show. The Patio at La Casa Encendida has been chosen for the spectacle: a place of union where the sensitive is made visible and beautiful.

Helena Gallardo is part of Silent Signal, an art platform and record label created to preserve the pristine essence of music, whose founders seek not only to break all bounds on the dance floors but also to discover the freshness of new experimental waves and expand the barriers of sound with illustrations, video, installations, etc. In addition, Gallardo collaborates with different solidarity projects to which she donates part of the profits from her works.

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  • The “En Familia” activities are for children, but tickets must be purchased by all attendees regardless of age.

    Adults are not allowed to enter unless accompanied by a minor.

    Recommended age: from 6 years old.

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Helena Gallardo presents Forbidden Zone- _Knowledge_

22 Oct 12 - 13 h