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18 Aug 2023

One the most prominent, respected and influential artists on the national electronic scene of the last three decades. Influenced initially by Detroit sounds and British intelligent dance music, Ideograma's sets are famous for their vast musical spectrum.

Target audience: General public
Location: Deck
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 8€

Flavio Tortora (Ideograma, DJ F) started his career as a DJ back in 1992 and has always been closely associated with Malasaña.

This Madrid neighbourhood where he lives is widely recognised as the cradle of the club culture that emerged in the city in the early 1990s. To this day it is still home to the main record shops that supply vinyls to DJs, as well as to some of Madrid’s most famous clubs. Flavio worked in many of these shops, and especially in recent years as owner of the Recycled Music Center, the go-to place for anyone looking for second-hand gems for their DJ sets.

His passion for music led him to develop his first productions under different aliases, such as Acid Future Overdose and, most notably, Ideograma. The manager since 2015 of his own label, Prayers For The Long Life, he can boast of having released under some of the most prestigious record producers in the country, such as Semántica, Frigio, Freebeat and AHD Records.

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  • Doors open at 8.30 pm.


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18 Aug 21 - 22 h