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Mutantes & Friends: Libros Mutantes Afterparty

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Libros Mutantes 2024
27 Apr 2024
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Libros Mutantes 2024 expands its field of action with an afterparty at Madrid’s Sala Villanos organised by Alexander Gross, DJ Hidrataccioni, Rata.deinternet and Sangrr.


Duration: 6 hours

During the night of Saturday 27 April, the mutants leave La Casa Encendida and slink off to Sala Villanos (former Sala Caracol) to hold another of their legendary afterparties: a celebration of electronic culture with a fanzine soul led by four artists who blend avant-garde music, an electronic heart and a mutant spirit.

Alexander Gross: Originally from Jerez but now based in Madrid, this photographer and plastic artist is also a DJ with ten years of experience on the underground scene. In recent years he has gained prominence on the scene following stints at iconic booths like Razzmataz (Barcelona), Planta Baja (Granada) and Bar Ocio (Murcia), as well as emblematic clubs in Madrid like Siroco, Café Berlín and Moby Dick. He has also formed part of lineups at national events like Feudal Fest and Jaleo Real. His sets are defined by their energy and diversity of bass music styles, with undertones of his Andalusian breakbeater roots. Broken rhythms and fat basses will get you sweating on the dance floor. Make sure you're wearing comfy trainers.

DJ Hidrataccioni: Behind this alias is Hebe Kiebooms, a Seville-based Mexican DJ, curator, promoter, producer and cultural agitator. Her musical project, launched in 2017, mixes Latin, tribal and Afro-Caribbean rhythms with electronic club music to create a sound palette that drifts from broken rhythms to the rave sound. The co-founder of the Rawa Club, she has recorded mixes and podcasts for collectives and platforms like NAAFI, Yotelco Radio, No Future Berlin, Internet Public Radio, Discos Sentimiento, Movement Athens, WIDE Radio, La Rara Perú, Reform Radio, and Ibero 90.9. She also has a bi-monthly show on Radio Relativa. A resident DJ at the legendary Sala X in Seville, she has also presented sets at emblematic clubs on the Spanish scene like Razzmatazz, Mondo Vigo, Industrial Copera, Siroco and Planta Baja.

Rata.deinternet: As the name suggests, this artist is a rat who burrows deep into the depths of the internet, mixing a wide variety of styles that encompass every period and genre but with a special focus on electronic and animated music. Rata.deinternet’s signature style is easily identified by its highly original and alternative mix of genres: house, ghetto house, booty house, breakbeat, machine, dance… In addition to playing at parties like Chica Gang, Mareo and Cero Club, she has taken the booth at Industrial Copera, Razzmatazz, Apolo Club, Siroco and Club Malasaña. After launching her career as a DJ in Granada in 2020, she relocated to Madrid and created a new party concept, Playdoo Club, as a point of reference for representing her playful, inquisitive spirit. What will Rata.deinternet bring for next set? You never know, because she’s full of surprises.

Sangrr: Under the premise of prioritising purity in production, Sangrr is a musical producer who draws inspiration from the club culture and British culture of the late 1990s and early 2000s, transferring those vibes to the Spanish scene with a style that blends dance music and bass music. Speed garage, dubstep and jungle are the three main genres that populate his creations, defined by fast, broken and aggressive rhythms at around 140 bpm. Without ever losing the essence of UK culture, Sangrr has spent more than ten years cultivating this sound that has enabled him to make the leap to the international market, collaborating with different European artists and even reaching London and São Paulo radio stations. In the meantime, he has also released several digital EPs and LPs independently from his Madrid studio, such as “Bootlegs, Vol. 2 Summer 23 Edition” and “NORTHERN SOUL”, and at the end of 2023 he brought out his first two dubplate singles on vinyl with the British label WEB 13.

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Mutantes & Friends: Libros Mutantes Afterparty

27 Apr 0 - 6 h