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Synth Sisters + Estades and Inés Escaned

11 Jul 2020
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Foto: Knu Kim
Foto: Knu Kim

The session will open with a link to Japan for the live premiere of the Synth Sisters, who've prepared an AV show that seeks the dissociation of places, moments, time zones and the real-digital dichotomy. In the afternoon, they will be followed by Miguel Estades and Inés Escaned, exploring spatial mutation on The Terrace with a dance/musical performance created for the occasion.

Duration: 2 hours
  • Synth Sisters

    Synth Sisters is a duo formed by Rie Lambdoll and MAYUKo. Their music creates meditation zones that can be extrapolated to any setting.

  • Estades and Inés Escaned

    Inés Escaned and Miguel Estades operate on the fringes of their respective fields, seeking beauty far from the ordinary and close to nature.

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Synth Sisters + Estades and Inés Escaned

11 Jul 16 - 18 h