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Animal Rights: Representation, Violence and Answers

13 May - 12 Jun 2016
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Animal Rights: Representation, Violence and Answers is an exhibition curated by Rafael Doctor that aims to raise awareness of and support for animal rights and propose possible solutions.

The show is designed as a route that passes through three different rooms. The first room focuses on the representation of animals, presenting a large picture gallery created in partnership with artist Enrique Marty and filled with paintings, drawings and photographs by more than 90 artists that capture the idealisation and beauty of the animal kingdom.

The second area, designed in consultation with the journalist and animal rights activist Ruth Toledano, will address the principal problems affecting animals today in a more direct way, with several videos and different installations that explore animal-related issues. Finally, the third room, produced in collaboration with artist Ruth Montiel Arias, will be devoted to meditating on possible answers to these problems, turning it into a multidisciplinary place of meeting and encounter where visitors will be able to interact through different activities.

The exhibition features nearly one hundred artists, including noted figures such as El Roto, Ouka Lele, Pierre Gonnord, El Hortelano, Paco Catalán and Forges.

A series of parallel activities will be organised in connection with this show: a conference on pro-animal rights philosophy and action, a vegan market, concerts, children's activities, etc.

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Animal Rights: Representation, Violence and Answers

13 May 8 - 19:45 h